Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some pics from Hampi

A few assorted pics from Hampi, east of Goa.  Quite the transformation in the place - almost the entire bazaar has been bulldozed down, with the remains not organized at all, and some of the last small businesses still in an area next to the river - and these are scheduled to be destroyed in 2022.  The government is turning the area into a cold and dead 'Heritage site'.
Anyway, these are a few of the pics from walking around down the river one day.  I''ve just added these as they were shot.
To see larger versions just click and view with the Google viewer.

One of the ruined shadowed entrance walks to a temple area.

Part of a big student group walking along the river.

Eastern gopuram entrance to the Virupaksha temple.

Lakshmi, the 28 year old Virupaksha temple elephant.

Temple guy who let us on the roof of the Virupaksha temple.....and of course got backsheesh.

Chai seller at sunset hill in Hampi

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some pics from Madurai

The 'big event' for Madurai in Tamil Nadu is the Sri Meenakshi temple.  Just stunning, amazing.  However, for a completely inane reason they have now outlawed cameras inside the temple - except cellphones (which I've put some of up on Facebook).  Anyway, here are some pics from around the temple.  I'll post some more later and put up a note.

The east Gopuram gate

Details from the east gate.  Each figure is much larger than human size.

A holy tree outside the temple


Cleaning some copper
Hanging around
Cotton candy for sale...and the seller.
Fairly public free toilet

Saturday, February 21, 2015

More pics from Trichy

These pics are from inside the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, the largest active temple complex, I believe, in the world.

Please click on the pic to enlarge.

First, a self-portrait, from an auto-rickshaw in the reflection of a shiny side of a bus.
Unfortunately, the entire complex was under re-painting (on the Gopuram gates) and a massive multi-year reconstruction, so some areas were closed off that wouldn't be normally.  Still an amazing place.
A Gopuram under wraps, with new, but unfinished, painting .

The temple is like a small city, with roads and alleys filled with shops and side of street vendors.

Pre-made offerings

...and if you need some beads, there are plenty available.

...or post-cards.

Just a quick jump ahead to today - sunset at the fishing nets beach at Fort Kochin

Just a single image from this evening - at the 'Chinese fishing nets' and net-fisherman at the beach at Fort Kochin. 

Click on the pic to enlarge.

I'll get back to other pics later

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A bit of politics in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy).

There was an election happening in Tamil Nadu just after we left, but while wandering in the huge Sri Ranganathaswamy temple area we encountered one of the many rallies going on.  Noisy, wild & fun.....and Paul kept working them up even more with loud 'Whoo Hoos'!!
 Click on the image to enlarge!

This guy's hat was pretty amazing, I thought.....until I was introduced to the mext guy...

...who had a rotating hat!!  Boy, could it spin!

Lots and lots of women coming out for this and marching through the streets.

This older lady was striding along with her cane with the best of them!